These are the most commonly found error codes and their solutions.

Error Code 00002741Edit

Network failure

Error Code 00002745Edit

Server Maintenance is currently underway

Error Code 00002746Edit

Bad connection. Usually occurs to due to a bad wireless connection.

Error Code 0000274CEdit


You are in a region that is blocked from game. Use a VPN to play or don't play at all

Error Code 0000274DEdit

Can not connect to lobby ; usually due to a maintenance

Error Code C00E0014Edit

Log-in timeouted

Error Code D0100013Edit

This account is banned


Requesting AdministratorEdit


Run as admin "You cannot directly run the client"

Incorrect PW-Error Code D0100026Edit


input the correct pw

Nonexistant Account-Error Code D01000AEdit

Account doesnt exist

Check spelling or create an account for fez using your beanfun id (refer to registering hk for help)

Blank Screen(No Launcher)Edit

Run in english locale as admin

Black Screen (Not Responding/Vanishing)Edit

Not Responding-Add FEZ to AV's exceptions

Vanishing-Download Direct X9.0c runtime redistributable

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