Dream GachaEdit

Dream Gacha can only be found at the Galm Amusement at the Vinelle Island Continent by paying up 1 Gold Coin or 10 Silver Coin for one round. In one round you are randomly given items according to this week's gacha list. Note that Dream Gacha specific armor exists only for the Dream Gacha. Know that there is not no limit for the amount of times you have use the Dream Gacha in a day. Referred to as roulette in other versions. Look at the logs page for past information about the Dream Gacha

Normal RewardsEdit

Set Name Set Items Ring Convert Arb Convert Recycle
Refining and Coin Set Tomex1Silvercoinx3
Ring and Steak Set Redtomex1Steakx20
Ring and Build Set Redtomex1Greaterbuildx10
Master Whetstone and Steak Set Whetstonex1Steakx20
Whetstone and Build Set Whetstonex1 Greaterbuildx10
Flux and Coin Set Fluxwingx1 Silvercoinx3
Oblivion and Steak Set Jarofoblivionx1 Steakx20
Oblivion and Coin Set Jarofoblivionx1 Silvercoinx3
Power and Build Set Powergainx50Buildgainx10
Guard and Build Set Guardgainx50 Buildgainx10
PW Regen and Build Set Pwregenenx20 Buildgainx10
HP and Build Set Hpupx50 Buildgainx10
PW and Build Set Pwstonex50 Buildgainx10
Regen and Attack Set Hpregenx99Powergainx20
Regen and Defend Set Hpregenx99Guardgainx20
Regen and Build Set Hpregenx99 Buildgainx20
Build and Coin Set Greaterbuildx20 Silvercoinx3
Steak and Coin Set Steakx50 Silvercoinx3
Resilience and Coin Set Resilientcrystalx2 Silvercoinx3
Power and Coin Set Powercrystalx2 Silvercoinx3
Drill and Coin Set Drillcrystalx1 Silvercoinx3
EX-Bank contract Bankcontractx1
Voice Ticket M or F Voiceticket

Weapon/Armor SetsEdit

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