A list of all the available hotkeys used in FEZ. Note that you may use a controller if you do not wish to use the general keyboard and mouse setup while playing. Although you need to configure the buttons appropriately before playing with a controller.


Keystroke Action
Esc Close Window
Backspace Leave Map
F1~F5 Use Macro Keys
F9 Show/Hide Weapon
F10 Show Continent Map
F11 Zoom In
F12 Zoom Out
1-8 Skill shortcuts with respect from top to bottom
0 Open/Hide Corp Window
Q Sidestep Left
E Sidestep Right
W Move Forward
A Move Left
S Move backward
D Move Right
R Auto Run
T Accept Trade
Y Open/Hide Macro Window
U Open/Hide Status
H Help (NA only)
I Open/Hide Items
C Crouch
V Show/Hide Options
N Show/Hide Chat options
J Show/Hide Emotions Options
L Show/Hide Friends List
M Change Map Size
Z Open Commands
F Use Left Pocket Item
G Use Right Pocket Item
B Show/Hide Black List
O Accept Corp Invite
X Show/Hide Chat Window
"." Show/Hide Quests
"/" Show/Hide Search Window
Spacebar Jump
Left Control Change Macro Set Number
Left Shift Display Icons
Left Shift+(Number1-7) Use Icon Chat
Alt Change Cursor Type
Right Control Change Chat Channel
Insert Change camera angle to default
Home Tilt camera angle upwards
End Tilt camera angle downwards
Delete Tilt Camera angle west
Page Down Titlt Camera angle to the East
Page Up (Hold) Hide UI
PageUp+PrtScn Saves a screenshot in the game's screenshot folder


  • Mouse-Right Click Select
  • Left Click Cancel
  • Middle Key-Open Window


Controls may be configured to your choosing;Game has built in gamepad support.

Default Controls

Frequently Used ControlsEdit

  • Z: Open the command window or Mouse Wheel Click
  • Alt: Switch the targetting cursor between Feather and Crosshair
  • Right Ctrl: Switches the chat mode
  • Ctrl+T: Whisper to a person
  • R: Auto run in a straight run
  • Backspace: Exit map
  • F and G: Pocket items to assign items in your pocket go to your inventory and left-click pocket 1 or 2
  • T: Accept Trade, faster than clicking on the trade window itself
  • Command Window
    • Building
    • Summon
    • Trade
    • Party
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