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Naming is based off the shapes of the map and is from the JP wiki. Some of the other jp wikis have the order different but this wiki follows the one at Used Za instead of Greek letters

Use of Cliff Climbs in War

Total of 43 different map types

ClimbTip: Before you jump, use the C to stop any accidental movement. This will help prevent mistakes and will help increase your success rate.

Giant/Chimera Climbs and Hide Climbs will also be recorded for the maps that are applicable

TypeA TypeB TypeC TypeD
TypeA TypeB TypeC TypeD
Map e2 TypeF Typeg TypeH
TypeE TypeF TypeG TypeH
TypeI TypeJ TypeK TypeL
TypeI TypeJ TypeK TypeL
TypeM TypeN TypeO TypeP
TypeM TypeN TypeO TypeP
TypeQ TypeR TypeS TypeT
TypeQ TypeR TypeS TypeT
TypeU TypeV TypeW TypeX
TypeU TypeV TypeW TypeX
TypeY TypeZ TypeE Map beta
TypeY TypeZ TypeZa TypeZb
Za-1 Zb-1 Zc-1 Map zeta
TypeZc TypeZd TypeZe TypeZf
Map eta Map theta MAP 29 MAP 32
TypeZg TypeZh TypeZi TypeZj
MAP 33 MAP 27 0416Arcturus Fez iv2012
TypeZk TypeZl TypeZm TypeZn
Fez ws2012 Fez as2012 120918¥¯¥Î¡¼¥é Twilightmap clean
TypeZo TypeZp TypeZQ Twilight
Twilightmap clean Warofgate Waroffort
Twilight Adv Gate Fort
  • TypeA (Valley)
  • TypeB (V-Shape)
  • TypeC (X Shape)
  • TypeD (Z)
  • TypeE (Spiral)
  • TypeF (Headwater)
  • TypeG (Wetlands)
  • TypeH (Ricefield Terrace)
  • TypeI (Center Island)
  • TypeJ (Phi shaped)
  • TypeK (Gourd)
  • TypeL (Highway)
  • TypeM (Meteor Crater)
  • TypeN (Battlefield)
  • TypeO (Altered Z)
  • TypeP (Altered Center Island)
  • TypeQ (Connected Crater/Altered Wetlands)
  • TypeR (Altered Battlefield)
  • TypeS (Altered X-Shaped)
  • TypeT (Land of Origin)
  • TypeU (Cross shaped)
  • TypeV (Enclosed Cross)
  • TypeW (Mountain)
  • TypeX (E Shaped)
  • TypeY (Mouth Shaped)
  • TypeZ (Island Headwater)
  • Type Za (Altered Spiral)
  • Type Zb (No Spiral)
  • Type Zc (Castle Ruins)
  • Type Zd (Wastelands)
  • Type Ze (Stepping stones)
  • Type Zf (Snowfield)
  • Type Zg (Forest)
  • Type Zh (star shaped)
  • Type Zi 
  • Type Zj (city)
  • Type Zk (altered city)
  • Type Zl (8 Shaped)
  • Type Zm (dragon nest)
  • Type Zn (Timer shaped)
  • Type Zo (box)
  • Type Zp (infinity)
  • Type Zq (sandbox)
  • Fort Map

Climb TwilightEdit

Climb EtcEdit

  • Etc (Capital Jumps/Pointless)

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