Common ProblemsEdit

1. Game has failed to update.Edit

Please try updating again at a later time or hit check update several times. Or look for a manual patch somewhere.

2.Error Message while trying to start up the game launcherEdit

Run the shortcut as Admin

3.Game isn't starting. Launcher does not show upEdit

Only client 20120627 has this issue just create a new shortcut for FEZ/ Run FeZero.exe directly from the Gamania/FantasyEarthZero folder

4.Black Screen after passing Character selectionEdit

Add the entire FantasyEarthZero folder to your antivirus's exceptions. Or at the worst of it try uninstalling your antivirus.

HKFEZ has been acting strange lately at certain times, if it doesn't work then please try launching the HKFEZ client at another time.

Other ProblemsEdit

Frame Rate Limit ToolsEdit

The tools that require files inside the client will not work. If you want to have your FPS limited then use a video recording program like DXTory to limit your frame rate.

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