• B5 slope is main focus
  • North and South are areas of great focus
Canyon Type
Key Points
B:5 slope is the main focus
Main battlefield is north and south is a large area for possible expansion


Similiar to A-1 but slightly different crystal location

  • Attacking side is disadvantaged slightly
  • D2 keep; need to focus on both north and south
  • C3 south gets total control of south;attacking has somewhat of a control of the river crystals


  • Possible to block every hill
  • Use a small group to block from the cliff from being blocked and build a bulwark after a large group has passed
  • The bulwark of main focus is the bulwark at B:5, the goal of the defending team to block B:5 and the attacking to prevent it


  • Avoid unfavorable ground,if you are bulwark you may be forced into unfavorable ground in between the canyons
  • High ground favors bow scouts and lightning sorcerers, generally difficult for the attackers to reach the cliffs
  • However, tends to break root very often trying to barrage the enemies on the ground


  • Giants are key to victory here but cliff jumps for giants are generally difficult
  • If a path is bulwarked, then a giant is able to shoot around it
  • Without giants it is generally difficult to recapture the bulwarked slope

The match is decided from the beginningEdit

  • If B5 is captured then attacking will have a very difficult time in winning
  • Preventing early bulwark construction (attacking)
    • Mine quickly very early on (might led to rapid crystal depletion for backline use)
    • Blockading the slope might cause crystal depletion for both sides
    • Wraith may be needed
  • Difficult to chim in this map due to height difficulties.

Keep LocationEdit

  • Click for bigger picture
Fronts Standing Spawning
D2keep1a2 D2keep2a2 D2keep3a2


  • Build so players can summon from the bottom of the cliff and have simple northern access as well
  • Scaffold cannot be built in order to chim from the bottom
  • Main battlefield B:5-6 North. Attacking goal is to prevent bulwark from being built at B:5
  • South is still an important focus but try not to lose the B:5 slope
  • Attacking team is somewhat disadvantaged

[C:3]disadvantageous keep

  • gives the defense a better chance defend either side
  • Adds the problem of being bulwarked from the south with the E:3 bulwark
    • Gives the enemy the height advantage in case having the E:3 route blocked
  • Similar to the D2 keep, attacker is at a disadvantage


[D:2] KeepEdit

Initial Building Final Building
D2keepinitala2o D2keepfinala2o
The two obelisk on lower ground a bit difficult to hit with giants; arrow towers are built to stop the B:5 Bulwark Do not expand too far in the south; it may cause the a large burden in trying to defend it
Construction of First Obelisk

Main pointsEdit

  • Use scaffolds and arrow towers to stop the enemy from building the B:5 bulwark
  • If bulwarked, then the C:4 Obelisk will most likely fall first
  • Place the C:4 Obelisk in a way that the giant will need to go to lower ground to shoot the other obelisks

Using Bulwarks to blockEdit

  • D:4 bulwark requires one bulwark to block; D:6 slope requires at least 2 bulwarks to block

Gate of Hades PositionEdit

  • D:2 keep has a problem with Gate of Hades position, makes easy prey for a stealth rat to sap
  • Build the Gate of Hades near the cliff so miners can keep an eye on it

Ob South least as possibleEdit

  • If B:5 is bulwarked then controlling south will be difficult; enemy northern forces can head south
  • Use a small group to defend the obs in the south for best result
  • Make sure eclipses are built in the south to see when enemy reinforcements are coming
2-Line construction Recommended Build
2linea2o Reca2o
Popular use due to filling in area in the back;however, does not take as much terriority as possible Takes up as much terriority as possible however puts the obelisk at a higher risk


  • Focus on the B:5 slope first
  • Use a small amount of miners in the beginning;Use the D:3 crystal not the D:2 crystal
  • Do to crystal in the chasm be careful of enemies from above
  • Spare no person to defend the B:5 slope
  • Wraith and Knights can be used early on to push or ensure the B:5 slope
  • Priority is north first then south, building south first will led to obelisk being easily crushed
  • Push enemy far as F:4 if needed
  • Go south after north front is stable


Initial Build Final Build
2linea2d Finala2d
Expand from E6 to D:6. Obelisk should not fall if properly defended Expand further to the northeast; no need to expand far into the south
  • The first two obelisks;the importance of building the first two obelisks; if built incorrectly wil mess up the obelisk

Red:Reaches to the bulwark

Blue: does not reach

Bulwark the B:5 slopeEdit

  • Use a eclipse at C:5 in order to ensure that you can build a bulwark at C:3
  • Possible to cliff climb over it but, the point is slow down the enemy; so you easily push them back

Stealth Rats in the SoutheastEdit

  • The obelisks in the back are easy for stealth rats to reach and easy to be unnoticed

Ob South sparinglyEdit

  • Unlikely that the bulwark at B:5 will completely stop the enemy
  • Only need a few to defend the southern obelisks
  • Build eclipses to see enemy movement and reinforcements


  • Focus the B:5 bulwark
  • Allows you delay the enemy's obelisks building
  • Two ways to respond to enemy movement
  • Capture the slope;enemy reinforcements
    • Call for help and use knights and giants to push back on enemy arrow towers trying to block the bulwark construction
    • After bulwark is built, push in order to stop expansion, will be required to summon rush in order to bypass, try to counter this before hand

F:4 SouthEdit

  • If little activity in the south, move north
  • E line fighting is not a good idea, try to fight in the G-H area
  • Point of south is to defend obs not expand or defeat enemies


D:6 OB DefendingEdit


  • More likely to fall in comparison to being built on the hill but allows for greatest expansion.

B:6 BulwarkEdit

Blockade B:5 Blockade from other view
B5bulwarkd B5bulwarkdview
  • Use the piece of wood as a landmark and move two paces west; or walk towards the grass,
  • Build at best you can, to block the enemy but not to allow possible enemies to walk around it

Blocking the B:6 BulwarkEdit


  • This positioning blocks the bulwark construction and can stop a complete blockade
  • However, Arrow Towers and scaffolds are easy to break
  • South Arrow Tower creates an imperfect blockade
  • Be careful as this can limit your moving space and result in being trapped by the enemy

C:7 BulwarkEdit


  • Blocks the hill to prevent enemy from coming south easily
  • Use the grass as a landmark and move 3 paces left

Giant JumpEdit

C:4,D:4,D:7 are possible areas for giant climbing

C:4 D:4 D:7
Gianta2c4 Gianta2d4 Gianta2d7


  • Requires the chimera to climb; slight difficult as it takes time which gives the enemy more time to stop the chimera


Cliff JumpEdit

  • Pictures of possible climbing points; D:2 cliff a knight can climb
  • C:3 Scaffold can be used to climb up the cliff, becomes more easier to climb up


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