Castle:F:6 Recommended Keep C:3

Important InfoEdit

  • Bulwark at E:3 can be decisive in winning for the defending side: Jumps to bypass it are kinda difficult and getting around it takes some time
  • The higher elevation in the map can be a advantage/disadvantage
  • Sides are divided by Northwest and Southeast
    • Attacking is Northwest
    • Defending is Southeast
  • For defending team is possible to seal of the north and e3 slope, if done well victory is certain, however there are many ways to do it
  • Another map like Claus and are type A-2 plan for those maps differ completely
  • Avoid disadvantagous terrian and trick the enemy to favorable grounds
  • There are a lot of areas were fighting is disadvantagous:typically in the areas in the area between the cliffs, typical fighting involves trying to force your opponent into the clasms. Generally difficult to get pass the chasms.
    • Reason: When fighting between the cliffs, it is very easy to get hit with Arrow Rain,SparkFlare, Judgement Ray and other ranged skills; along with reinforcements that can pop out from any cliffs above
  • E3 Bulwark is important focus of the war in this map (defending);attacking is to prevent the E:3 bulwark from being built

Bulwark is the key

  • It is possible to use bulwarks to block every hill on the map
  • Build the bulwarks after a large amount of people have passed by.(Makes it difficult for the bulwark to go down afterward)
  • Due to shape of the map, there is a difficulty for chimming for both sides
  • Be careful of placing it too close to the cliff; use the tree as a landmark. Built by the tree not on it


  • Keep barely off from the keep
  • Keep is actually slightly disadvantageous toward attacking;main point is to not let a single slip in HP give away
  • This keep risks from getting chimmed from the bottom
  • Don't try to build away from the cliff to avoid chimming
  • General risk that you may lose both north and south
  • If you can push north you can capture the enemy reserve crystals


  • Similiar to the A-2 Build
  • Due to the far away crystals, you may lose the inital expansion
  • Requires everyone to know jump paths;possible to use scaffolds to help ease the problem
  • Lower chance of being blocked with bulwark


  • Bad keep
  • Moves the boundary line to even ground, making it a push and pull battle
  • So long as the defense pays attention, easy win for the defense



  • Hold the E:3 hill to prevent a bulwark
  • Blue needs to destroy at least one obelisk to bulwark B:5 e:3 requires destroying 3 obelisk
  • Fall of E:3 leds to easier enemy giant sniping
  • Use an AT to block enemy from building obelisks/bulwarks
  • Use scaffolds in the areas to the south to see activity and build accordingly


  • E:3 use arrow towers to block the bulwarks


  • E:2 obs are basically safe
  • F:2 is built well


  • Southwest is highest priority



From Netz wiki will translate later time

  • Building from the two points
  • The initial building here is extremely important
  • G:5 and H:5 Obelisks are fairly stable (won't fall easily unless unprotected)
  • Southwest is highest priority
  • Simple win if you can bulwark E:3; fight aggressively in order to keep enemies away from that point
  • Northwest is still important
  • E:3 bulwark is built to force enemy to take the D:1 area route (longer trips)
  • Crystal management is still very important or else you will run out of crystals quickly since it difficult to secure crystals.

D:6 ObeliskEdit

  • More suspectable to being attacked however grants the most area towards building
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