List of current bugs and resolved errors. Abuse of any bugs will result in a ban in game for violating the game's Terms of Service. Any posts regarding how to perform bugs will be removed

Offline Players on Search macro

Offline players will appear on <Continent Map> when using /sea.


Supposedly caused by players using Alt+F4 to exit the game rather than log out.


AKA: Hanpo

Occurs due to fast-action gameplay, causes a shift of character display while attacking. Hitbox is unaffected.

Status: Mitigated to a degree

JP (4/13/12) Policy Change :Any form of halfstep is bannable go here to report it

Basic Switch

Switches a weapon immediately at the end of an attack with basic attack.

Status: Resolved, no longer able to perform action

Lost Items

Random items will vanish in the item inventory.

Status: unresolved (NA)

Fix: Use the sort function, make sure there is room for items.


Causes the misalignment of pixels when alt-tabbing in fullscreen


Fix:Restart client

Falling into objects

Cases in which a character will accidently fall into objects in the game.


Fix:Walk out

Unequip weapon

Under certain conditions,unequipping a weapon can cause the weapon to appear while you are in the "unequipped" state.


Fix:Hit the equip weapon

Generally harmless and normally used to show off.


Character will walk in the sky


Fix:Restart Computer


Character will skip frames

See FrameSkipping for more information about this error

Party Join

When joining maps as the party leader can cause blockage of players can entering wars on both sides.


Fix: Unqueue

Chariot Bug

When killed near a chariot;you will be able to ride the chariot dead and respawn by the chariot; however your life will left at the amount before you were killed.


Bug Keep

By placing a keep at a certain location in warlock will result in being unable to move for the duration of the war for that entire side. (JP Only)

Status: Unresolved: (Bannable if attempted)

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