• This is the wikia page on Banking this is not necessarily a guide on how to bank
  • Banking was created as a way to get around the 12 crystal mining penalty
  • Banking can help change the tide of war as it helps manage the summons,expansion, and line reinforcement


Banks can usually be found on the field near the first crystal that is closest to the keep/castle with the macro: "Bank:<cry>/50"

  • It is the bank's responsibility to give crystals to useful purposes let it be summoning or obelisks
  • If the bank wastes crystals it may be harmful for your side
  • A bank should never collect crystal under the guise of trying to summon a wraith yourself.
  • If performed well, then it is easy to gain a large amount of crystals in a short amount of time

Must KnowEdit

  • The bank should know the number of summons on the field; both allied and enemy summons
  • Banks must know when to bank, during the beginning of the war banks are not necessary as they can slow down the initial expansion.
  • Banks should know what they are giving crystals to for ie: building or summoning (know what the crystals are being used for)
  • Remember to ask miners to pass crystals to you
  • How to help new players on how to trade crystals with the bank (use allied nation or whisper)
  • Bank will generally work together with the builder knight
  • Report the number of crystals that you have to the your army
  • Limit the number of miners you have to 2-4 large numbers of miners are not good.
  • Bank should observe suspicious movement on the minimap

Miners Must KnowEdit

  • Follow along on what the bank needs ie: summoning when a summon is required
  • Pass everytime you have 3 crystals do not wait until you reach 12 crystals
  • Try not hit over the bank's 50 crystal limit, as that can stall for time in case of that event ask the bank how much crystal they have
  • Look for hidden scouts while mining; miners are normally hunted after by crystal harassings ie scouts or warriors
  • Should know how to look at suspicious movement on the minimap
  • Use /mcr to cover your beginner shield so people know that you're not a beginner (just to show that you know about mining,if not don't use it)
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