Fantasy Earth Zero continent map functions as a lobby map allowing you to connect to other maps.

Entering MapsEdit

  • You can enter maps by the continent map;when selecting a map to enter you will automatically enter the map;there is not need to travel like other MMOs
  • In a state of peace only 50 players from the controlling nation may enter along with 50 players from other nations; allowing up to a maximum of 100 people in a map
  • There is no limit of people in any capital or Vinelle Island
    • However during events, GMs can limit or change the number of people in a map

Entering RulesEdit

  • During a map's Declaration of War, no one can enter a map
  • You can freely enter any map your nation controls
  • You can also enter any maps adjacent from the maps your nation controls
  • In the event that nation doesn't have links to that map but controls the map, members of that nation can still enter the map
  • Rules for entering maps during war may be different
  • During war between two nations, 3rd party nations can join any other side


  • To exit the map hit the backspace button or Exit Map button, you will then be moved to continent map
  • In the capital and Vinelle Island you can move to continent map immediately
  • In all other places you must wait 10 second countdown before you can leave the map (In the event you are attacked during the countdown will be canceled)


  • Every territory your nation controls will be marked with its emblem. Any map with your nation's emblem you can enter freely
  • Any map you cannot go will be slightly grayer compared to other maps. You can also enter any map that is adjacent to any map your nation controls
  • At the moment there is no penalty for increase or decrease in number of territory (At most the territory control will only effect hunting grounds)
  • Maintain a map is the only use of territory by Mission Maps

Area StatesEdit

State Comment Mobs Declaration of Map ArmyChat Death Penalty
Itself Adjacent
Peace Map at normal conditions Yes By Nation Yes
Declaration of War The first part of declaring war;Keep is built Yes × × Joined Chat Yes
War Preparations Second part of war;allowing allies to join No × × Side Chat No
War During War No × × Side Chat No
Takeover Occurs when defense loses After 3 mins passed in truce × × By Nation No
Truce Occurs when attacking loses After 3 mins passed in truce × By Nation No
  • War can be declared whenever a map is under a state of peace
  • Declaration of War is only a few seconds before moving onto War Preparations after keep is built
  • During Declaration of War everyone's army chat is linked meaning everyone can listen
  • If a nation controls a map under truce they can still attack maps adjacent of the map under truce
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