Arbs are the current form of real cash currency in FEZ. Note that is called jewels in HK and orbs in JP. Arbs uses real money to buy ingame items exclusively from the arb shop


  • Extremely convenient
  • Access to Cash only items
  • 2X as much durability as other items
  • Can recycle arbs for rings


  • Costs money

How to charge MoneyEdit

Price TableEdit

Price Arb Given Method
-$ -A
-$ -A


Recycling is the method of which players exchange arb equipment to rings via the recycle npc which can be found in every nation's capital. The amount given is depedent on the price of the item in the arb shop. Note that the current exchange rate is the 1A=2R. Ex. If item X is 10A then you will get 20R in return.(You do lose the item if you recycle it).

Current WeaponsEdit

Current Armor SetsEdit

Current ConsumablesEdit

Enchant StonesEdit

Other Current Item SetsEdit

Changes to Arb SystemEdit


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