Winbeck can actually craft a couple of useful items. This is more of a list on what he can do.


Nation Alchemist Blacksmith Winbeck
Netzavare Military F:6
Yelsord Military B:2
Hordaine Residental F:3
Gevrandia Noble D:6
Cesedria Residental E:6


Icon Items Required Obtain Item Crafted Notes
Harpy feather 10 Harpy Downs HarpyMobs Harpy Wing Required to Fencer Class
Steelhammer Thieves' Hammer Bandit Leader 50 Lesser Power Regenerate
Goblinbook Thieve's Notebook Zombie Leader Beginner Recovery Set 50 lesser Regenerate and 50 Bread
Crystalfragment Thieves' Dust Ghast Leader Intermediate Recovery Set 50 Regenerate,50Bacon and 50 Power Regenerate



Fake Weapons Monster Hunter Red Weapons

Twilight Weapons

Requires (Colored Crystal)

and 99 Crystal Shards

along with certain map captured

Red Weapons Red Weapons/Twilight Weapons Neo Weapons
Doom Weapons
Accessories Tool Shop Varies Items will become untradeable
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