This wikia will not explain the registeration process for JPFEZ since it is more simpler than HKFEZ.

  • Playing JPFEZ requires a VPN; We will not provide information about VPNs used to play JPFEZ
  • It is possible to play JPFEZ in English locale however you will not be able to read anything

Main DifferencesEdit

  • Three servers and overall larger population
  • The most up to date version of the game
  • Generally longer maintenance along with server crashes/bugs each patch
  • You cannot freely use English
  • The list of terminology for JPFEZ is longer than on the wikia, use the JPwiki to help yourself out there.

Getting Japanese text to workEdit

  • Windows XP will require the Eastern Languages Pack installed; Windows Vista and 7 have this pre-installed
  • Then you will need to switch your System Locale to Japanese
    • Note you can use HF pAppLoc to display Japanese without switching your System Locale

Other ThingsEdit

  • By the game's TOS it is bannable if you play outside of Japan;therefor while playing you should not use English outside of Party and Corp chat
  • JPFEZ has 3 worlds, Kether server is the server where most foreigners play
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